Mall activations, are an experiential space that acts as a platform for your target market to come into direct contact with your product and experience brand affinity. Some brands choose a personal space for promoting their brands in malls, unlike an exhibition, where you have a large group of people exhibiting along with you. In a world that is forever changing it is important to keep up with the technology, upcoming products and the way of conducting business. The question is how do you get maximum attention from your audience at your mall activations?

Why choose mall activation for promoting your product or brand?

We often notice that malls are the new buzz place in the cities. As a matter of fact, brands keep these malls lively with their promotions, activities and events. Mall activations work because the customer in the malls are not in any hurry but rather take their time and are in the right frame of mind to listen and engage with your brand. It is also important to know whether you are targeting the right audience, in a mall, your target audience is filtered and matched to the environment.

Interestingly, in the last few years, a large number of malls have mushroomed not only in the large metro cities but also in the small towns. The mall culture has hit the rural areas as well, making mall activation a perfect solution for your brand’s penetration into the market.

Malls in South Africa are unique as they are used by the public as the main social meeting place, to hang out and to meet up with friends – we don’t have a “High Road” shopping experience we have malls where the public congregate. This is true for top end and mass market malls.

What can create a strong impact in the minds of your target market

1: Create Excitement

Your activation at the mall has to be enticing enough that the audience easily gravitates towards it, you literally have 30 seconds to grab their attention. If you are launching a new product through mall activation then you have to create enough buzz so that you win over the sceptics. Consider creating additional break through by including free samples, product demonstrations and celebrity appearances. These activities along with the activation will enhance the presence of your brand and grab the attention of the audience.

2: Attract your target market through an appealing display

Apart from what your brand has to offer, the first thing that your target market will notice is that way you present yourself. Your experiential space in the mall has to include designs elements, colours and activities that will help your brand stand out. Your brand should have a unique identity through the use of stand elements that are attractive, engages your audience and makes your brand stand out. These simple elements will ensure that you are able to attract your target market onto your stands.

3: Create impressive and upbeat experience by staffing appropriately

The staff members of your activation space are the key of grabbing more attention from your audience – your activation is only as good as your worst promoter.  No matter how attractive your activation is, a poor engagement activity from your staff will ruin it all. Train your staff thoroughly about your brand or product and let them experience the brand in a real life environment, ensuring that your mall activation is a memorable one.